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Ag Tech


Digital Farming Technology

No industry has been a greater beneficiary  from engineering, technology, and innovation

than agriculture.

In a region that is recognized as the world's largest producer of pecans along 

with other agricultural staples produced in the state of Georgia, producer know

the importance of technology  and how they are beneficial to their operations economically.  


On this page are resources such as no cost applications and presentations of farming technology products from various technology companies that have benefited and continue to be beneficial

to the farming community.

For more details on a specific company, their products and services rendered,

please select the logo icon. 


Developed by Agrible,
Pocket Range Gauge delivers GPS-specific rainfall measurements instantly by converging location and meteorological data.

FarmLead connects
grain buyers and sellers directly and allows users to list, view,  buy, and sell grains in a real-time, online marketplace.

Developed by Agrible,
Morning Farm Report is a free app that gathers and provides field-specific data, alerts and agronomic forecasts, helping growers to plan farming activities. 
Morning Farm Report is available only in Android at the moment.

Developed by Nutrien,
the by-product of the Potash and Agrium merger,
eKonomics is a web-based portal that helps growers with ROI with its suite of web based applications:
Nutrient ROI Calculator 2.0, Growing Degree Days Calculator,
Nutrient Removal Calculator, and Rainfall Tracker.


Developed by AgroClimate, SmartIrrigationCotton app
is heralded as a viable tool for cotton growers living in Georgia and Florida
by assisting growers with irrigation methods.
The app provides additional services by suggesting optimal watering times for the grower.

Viewed as an advanced agricultural tool,
ImageIT, through technology and imagery analysis, converts the grower's phone into a tool to assess plant nitrogen uptake and generates recommendations on any perceived nitrogen deficiencies. 

Cattle Market Mobile app
is a cattle market monitoring tool that provides real-time cattle market data and auction prices from auctions across 22 US states.

Developed at the Oklahoma State University App Center, Canopeo is a mobile application that allows farmers to track the growth of crops by calculating fractional green canopy cover or FGCC for any crop. 

Available in the App Store and as a web-based application for Android users, SoilWeb is an application, developed at the UC Davis California Soil Resource Lab in collaboration with the
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, 
that allows its users real time access to soil assessment data based on GPS location.  A very useful tool for soil and land assessments.

Developed by Praxidyn,  Mixmate is an app for calculating and recording mixing operations for farmers and agricultural professionals.  Presently, the app is only available in Android.


AI and Robotics


Based out of Ames, Iowa, Smart Ag is an innovative technology company that features artificial intelligence or AI farming automation technology software products with AutoCart being its first application. The AutoCart software fully automates existing grain cart tractors, regardless of manufacturers, to assist during peak , hectic harvest season. 

Founded in 2016, Built Robotics Inc. develops automation technology solutions for the construction industry by retrofitting equipment for autonomous capability. 

A German manufacturer of agricultural heavy equipment, Fendt created Xaver, an agricultural robotics product, consisting of coordinated robots and a Cloud platform to plant, monitor

and document the entire planting process. 

The robots, approximately 100 lbs,  are powered

by 400 watt  electric motors  and are believed

to use up to 70% less energy than conventional methods to perform the same task.

Acquired by Deere in November of 2017,

Sunnyvale, CA based Blue River Technology develops smart technology and robotics with an emphasis

on agriculture.  The "See & Spray" technology developed by BRT, the technology, through imagery analysis and machine learning, identifies

and addresses plant needs, lowering growers costs in terms of fertilizing and weed control. 

DJI is revolutionizing the integration of technology and agriculture.  The AGRAS MG-1 applies fertilizer and pesticides to field crops with accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness.  

The device can cover between

seven to ten acres per hour and has a tank

holding capacity of about 2.5 gallons.

FarmBot is an open source precision agriculture CNC farming technology which uses a Cartesian coordinate robot farming machine, software and documentation including

a farming data repository. According to FarmBot,

their  objective is to  "create an open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food 

and to grow food for everyone."

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